About Us

 Rocco & Connie Zampogna

Rocco and Connie, literally had a tree change, coming from a successful Electrical Contracting business in 1978, to purchase Golden Grove, a run down neglected citrus orchard. Established in 1928, Golden Grove was one of the first orchards planted in the Chittering Valley one hour north east of Perth, Western Australia.

The Chittering Valley is renowned for its world class quality citrus due to its rich soil. From the very beginning Rocco decided to open the orchard to the public. Since then thousands from Western Australia and overseas have come to visit and enjoy picking their own fruit whilst dining in supplied facilities.
A new packing shed was built to accommodate increased production and sales.

Later an old packing shed was converted into a Café where scones and other light food is served. We were the first orchard in Western Australia to process oranges and make freshly Squeezed 100% orange juice, which is a much sought-after product by the general public. We also process Lemons, Limes and Grapefruit in season, sold in the 100% form, or Lemons made into a Lemon squash.

In 2002 Rocco decided to change his orchard practices and move away from chemicals wherever possible, going beyond organic and replacing lost nutrients that have been depleted from the soil after many years of production. He also placed trees on mounds to improve drainage in our heavy soil.
This has produced an outstanding result in growth and fruit production.

We produce citrus for sale, freshly picked 12 months of the year, including a low acid orange that suits people from tropical climates, Seville oranges used for marmalade and many other varieties. In our interaction with customers we have discovered that more people like to purchase a live piece of fruit picked fresh without a long storage period.

Golden Grove continues to grow with more plantings taking place in 2007 which will complete the new system and the orchard should be in full production by 2010.

Our mission is to provide a place where people can enjoy the scenic surroundings, purchase the high quality fruit we produce, free from chemicals, safe and nutritious to enhance human health, conform with nature and protect the environment.